Be Authentic

I decided that with everything going on in our world today, we needed a reminder. The letter Sarah Webb wrote to me prompts us to continue to be authentic, kind, and love.

“Love people because it is in you to love deep. Show compassion because compassion is in your soul. Offer forgiveness because we are all broken and need a Savior. You were created with an amazing heart and spirit for adventure. Please see toward these things in your life. Don’t allow anything or anyone to keep you from fully being your whole self. Pursue life’s challenges with passion and discernment. Handle people with kindness, exposing your loving heart. ” – Sarah Webb

This letter was always a reminder for me to do everything possible to stay positive, show gratitude and compassion, to be gentle with myself, to love myself and those around me. It guided me to understand that most of my anxiety/stress was coming from the way I reacted to situations. It’s within us all to learn how to change the way we see things. To take even the toughest situations and say “there is an opportunity in this”. An opportunity to rely on God and your faith in a new way. When you realize, and start acting like your life is a blessing, it will start to feel like one.

Her advice also guided me to surround myself with people who are passionate, motivated, grateful, and open minded. Being around people who are kind and positive affects us more than you think. You feel more confident, appreciated, and accepted. It motivated me to want to be that type of friend to others.

There is power in your response, in your choices, and in the meanings you create. Trust yourself and our Savior to find a way to use your experiences to not just live life but to ENJOY it.

If there is one thing we need right now in our world – it’s love. Let’s use it.

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